Over the years, environmental issues have become so prevalent that they have overtaken other concerns on our global priority list. Due to the number of new problems and worries that emerge each year, we must constantly consider which crisis is the most important. As we approach the new year, here are the predicted environmental priorities of 2023

1. Biodiversity

The importance of biodiversity cannot be underestimated. It is the most complex and vital feature of our planet’s ecosystem, providing ecologies with both reproductive and specialization robustness. The reduction of biodiversity can have detrimental effects on the ecosystem it supports. The most common factors contributing to biodiversity decline include pollution, global warming, and deforestation. 

2. Water

Water pollution is one of the most common issues affecting the environment. Not only does it affect the financial operations of governments and businesses, but it can also kill marine life and humans. Education is the key to addressing water pollution. It will allow people to understand how it affects the environment and how they can help prevent it from happening in the future.

3. Deforestation

According to experts, if the current deforestation rate continues, we will not have enough of the valuable forests left to support the ecosystems that we live in. This is because the destruction of forests can affect the carbon cycle and contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions. Natural wildfires can also occur at unprecedented scales, severely affecting woodland ecosystems. If you can, you can also help the environment by buying more organic and recycled products. You can also limit the amount of paper that you use.

4. Pollution

The seven different types of pollution, which include air, water, soil, noise, thermal, radioactive, and light, harm our environment. All of these are interrelated and can influence one another. That’s why we must work together as a community to reduce the pollution affecting our environment.

5. Climate Change

One of the most alarming effects of climate change is the increasing sub-surface temperature. This can affect marine life and ecosystems that are located beneath the waves. The rising sea levels can also cause mass floods and freak weather events all around the world. If the world continues to continue its current trajectory, it will cause severe damage to our environment.