Despite conservationism being a hot topic in years past, much attention has been drawn away from these efforts, especially as the world entered a panicked state when the pandemic entered our lives. Now in 2022, world leaders and environmental advocates are beginning to become louder with their calls to conservation, seeing as the introduction of a worldwide pandemic certainly didn’t put an end to climate issues and the wasting of natural resources.

With where we are at with our worldwide conservation efforts, individuals have realized that we must reimagine our approach to this worthwhile cause. There are various ways this can be done, but the following methods will be the prime focus this year and next.

A New Approach to Justice

So much of conservationism is linked to justice, whether it be political justice, environmental justice, or equal access to resources. In 2022, we will see a shift in the approach to justice as a catalyst for conservationism. Throughout the year, one of the key ways to begin introducing active change into conservation efforts will be by supporting environmental activists and amplifying their voices. Politicians and industry leaders may currently have the final say in decisions that impact these areas, but 2022 will support a slight change of leadership, campaigning for conservation efforts to become more democratic and inclusive. Achieving conservation goals begins with an approach rooted in justice, where the educated climate leaders will have more say in how we can reimagine other related issues.

More Accessible Funding

Money is a huge aspect of conservationism, making the lack of money or resources a valid issue for communities wanting to amp up their environmental activism. As part of the methods for reimagining conservationism in 2022, more attention will be given to providing accessible funding for at-risk communities, Indigenous peoples and their local communities, youth, and women. The purpose of this approach is to remove barriers to access to resources, thus protecting the planet since these individuals will have more affordable access to materials and resources that support conservation.

Problem-Solving for the Future

So much of conservationism has been focused on trying to solve the problems of the past and their effects on us in the current age. However, a large reason for some of the issues we face today is that effective forecasting and preparation were not done in years past. In 2022, while conservation efforts will still be put in place to try to rectify past mistakes, many of these activists will shift their focus to the future. Problem-solving for issues we have yet to encounter will help conserve current resources while also lessening negative impacts in the future. While exact studies and solutions have yet to be made, it is this necessary shift that will play a large role in the reimagining of conservationism.