Coach David Parker


David Parker has a long history of working as a performance coach for athletes. This includes strength and power conditioning, sports performance diagnostics and evaluations, speed development, and rehabilitation. When it comes to his teams and the sport of track and field, those who have worked with David know how dedicated he is. In addition to his many other talents, David Parker is a very effective facilitator, workshop trainer, and public speaker. He also serves as a dedicated mentor and collaborator.

David worked as a Strength & Conditioning Coach/ Fitness Instructor for three years at the Powerbase Gym within Loughborough University, followed by years as the Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for the British Volleyball/ British Handball teams within the English Institute of Sport (EIS). Throughout his tenure with the EIS, David focused on building a diverse coaching portfolio encompassing track & field, rugby, boxing, badminton, volleyball, handball, diving, BMX,  pentathlon, and specialty fields such as wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby. David Parker continued his work with the EIS as the Senior/ Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for the British Diving/ England Rugby League. 

David currently works as the Chinese National Men’s Head Javelin Coach and the Head Javelin Coach of the Shanghai Provincial Track & Field Team. The reigning Chinese National Champion, Xu Jiajie, who threw 84.54 meters in 2021, is among the athletes he mentors. 

David Parker is devoted to his wife and son and wholeheartedly admits that everything he does in his life is to make the world a better place for them. Another joy in his life is supporting the premier league Liverpool Football Club. In addition to being a season ticket holder for over five years, David proudly displays the team mantra #YNWA (You’ll Never Walk Alone).

In his spare time, when he isn’t relaxing with his family, David Parker plays football for two separate teams in Shanghai and enjoys skiing and golfing whenever possible. While it may seem like David’s life is centered solely around athleticism, he is a big advocate for conservation on a global scale. His aspirations include reaching a point in his career where he can lend his voice to some of the world’s challenges. His dream is to retire from coaching one day and launch his own bee farm, a hobby that has long been his passion. In addition, David hopes to grow and maintain an apple orchard and manufacture his own cider. 

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