A conservationist works in various disciplines to protect the world’s ecosystems, places, and biological life. They are responsible for preserving the environment for the sake of future generations.

There are numerous prominent figures who have used their platforms to bring about positive change, carrying the title of conservationist. 

 Heather Mills

After a severe accident that left her with a broken leg, former model and charity founder Mills saw how many prosthetic limbs were thrown away in the UK. She then established a charity that recycles old prostheses for those who are less fortunate. In 2012, Mills became a patron of two animal rights groups. These organizations were the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation and the International Voice for Animals.

Dr. Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is an activist and renowned chimpanzee expert. For over 50 years, she has been studying the interactions between animals. She first became aware of the primates’ family interactions when she traveled to Tanzania in 1960. In 1977, Jane established the Jane Goodall Institute, which supported Gombe’s work. In 2002, she was given the title of UN Messenger of Peace. She was also a Dame of the British Empire in 2004.

Frank Pope

Frank Pope was the only journalist who covered the oceans in the world for four years. During this time, he promoted offshore energy and showcased achievements in the field. Despite his advocacy for the oceans, he returned to Kenya in 2012 to work with Save the Elephants. Over the years, Frank has supported various organizations in Africa that are fighting against the illegal hunting of land animals.

Chris Packham

Chris Packham is a well-known face of UK television. He has been known to promote British wildlife through his appearances in various television programs, such as Springwatch. He is also a vegan and uses his platform to advocate for a more plant-based lifestyle.

As an animal rights activist, Chris is the President of several organizations, including The Hawk Conservation Trust and The Bat Conservation Trust. He also serves as the Vice President of several other organizations, such as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Robert Swan

Robert Swan has achieved a goal of getting over 300 million tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere by 2025. Through his work with the Climate Force Challenge, he has successfully cleared over 1,500 tons of waste from the scientific research he conducted in 1996.