The harsh winter season can pose unique environmental challenges. From the salt we spread on the sidewalks to the extra energy we use to heat our homes, keeping the environment in balance can be very challenging. However, taking a more conscious approach can help lessen our impact on the planet. Here are a few tips to achieve a sustainable winter.


Rather than raising your home’s temperature, try wearing a few layers of clothes to keep warm. These include warm clothes such as undershirts, socks, and light jackets. At night, layer up blankets, quilts, and pillows to keep you warm and save money on energy. This can also be done by increasing your home’s temperature.

Mindful De-icing

For safety reasons, you usually use salt on your driveway and sidewalks to prevent ice from forming. However, did you know that some deicers, such as calcium chloride and rock salt, can pose a risk to pets, children, and the environment? Before you start using these materials, make sure that you read the directions carefully. Try using eco-friendly alternatives such as wood chips and sand.

Energy-efficient Lightbulbs

After all, most of us have already packed away the holiday lights. Now it’s time to focus on the other lights in our homes. If you’re still using old-fashioned bulbs, switching to more eco-friendly alternatives such as LED lights, compact fluorescent lamps, and halogen bulbs is essential. After you have gotten past the sticker shock, these bulbs will last longer and can save you money on electricity.

Reduce Car Time

It’s nice to step into your warm car after you’ve waited inside to warm up. However, this practice can lead to air pollution and emissions. If you’re planning on leaving your car running for a long time, limit the time you spend in it to around three minutes. Just start the car and drive away.


One of the best ways to keep your waste low this winter is to continue composting. Although some people cannot control their yard bin in the cold weather, it’s still essential to keep it up. This method can help keep organics from going to landfill for a long time. If you cannot keep your yard bin in the cold weather, try using a vermicomposting program.